Making things simple and straight to the point regarding the use of all the artwork available on this site.



  • Use the artwork for commercial or personal use in PRINTED FORMAT ONLY.
  • Resell or use our artwork to print on t-shirts, posters, mugs, pillows, stickers, caps etc.
  • Print the artwork in an UNLIMITED number of copies.
  • Use the artwork for promotional purposes - advertising, flyers, website banners, presentations etc.
  • Add important changes to the artwork or include it as part of your own design - but sell it in PRINTED FORMAT ONLY.
  • Transfer files to your printing company for the only purpose of reproduction for permitted uses only, provided that such parties will have no further or additional rights to use the content.
  • we really protect the rights of artists.


  • Resell the artwork in digital format exactly as it is shown on our site;
  • Transfer artwork to other printing sites or companies that can use the graphics for commercial use.
  • Use the artwork inside a digital product offered for sale where the artwork contributes to the core value of the product being sold.

This Contract is between Downloader and Cliptees Studio. By downloading Content from this website, you agree to be bound by the terms of this contract with respect to such Content. Do not download Content if you do not accept these terms.

This is a license, not a sale. You are permitted to use Content, Our Artist continue to own the intellectual property rights in the Content. Third parties who wish to use any Content must download it from the  website themselves.

 1. This Contract governs your use of Cliptees Studio`s Content (namely,images, illustrations, or other material that you download from the in conjunction with entering into this Contract.

2. You are hereby granted a perpetual, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use Content on the terms and conditions contained in this Contract. You may only engage in expressly permitted activity with respect to Content. All other rights in and to the Content and accompanying materials, including, all intellectual property rights relating thereto, are retained by Cliptees Studio or its Members, as the case may be.

In conclusion, you can print the artwork on anything, without a limited print run. But you are not allowed to resell our products in digital format, regardless of how many changes you bring to the designs.